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Ed Sheeran places a high bid on the 8th Wonder

Ed Sheeran places a high bid on the 8th Wonder
Ed Sheeran places a high bid on the 8th Wonder

Ed Sheeran is a successful English singer-songwriter, born in Halifax, and raised in Framlingham, Suffolk.

Sheeran just placed a bid for a castle near Pleasurewood Hills after it has been named the 8th wonder of the world.

I thought compound interest was the 8th wonder of the world. I guess you can’t exactly buy that.

Reason behind Ed Sheeran decision:

Why exactly would Ed Sheeran want to buy a castle aside from having the title of the 8th wonder of the world ?

His fans say, “maybe he wants to buy the castle only to rehearse his songs there. I bet the acoustics are good.”

Employees at Pleasurewood theme park speculate that if he moves in there, he might not like all the noise coming from the theme park.

Ed Sheeran places a high bid on the 8th Wonder

It might be difficult trying to practice and meditate in his castle while the cannonball roller coaster next door is filled with screaming teenagers.

Is he going to buy the theme park too?

Pleasurewood hills staff and on goers have reported many times that they have seen an actual dragon inside the castle. Is Ed Sheeran aware of this?

Nonetheless, if the 8th wonder of the world was officially in my hometown, I would offer to buy it too even with the dragon inside. I would name him Maude.

If his castle has a dungeon, I suppose he can rent it out to someone through Airbnb.

In ancient times, a castle was a status symbol to show everyone how important and valuable a family was. But its main purpose was to protect the families who lived there from outside invasions.

There are many castles still standing today, including several hundred all over the UK in which you can visit.

What experts say?

Lorraine Fisher, 34, is a Dungeons and Dragons expert. She was interviewed after the castle was given the 8th wonder of the world title. This is what she wanted to share with the world.

“Just know if you move in there, there are going to be lots of ghosts. Castles are hundred of years old with lots of spooky stories”

She also said, “In medieval times,there were no toilets in the castles. No plumber no irrigation, no nothing. Just cesspit of waste. Its best to deep clean the whole structure and be careful where you’re standing”

Sheeran’s manager told paparazzis that he doesn’t care about the maintenance of the castle.

He is just happy to own this building in his hometown where he can hang up Lloyd, Felix, Cyril, and Nigel-his guitars that is.

Also when he is not rehearsing, he will be busy playing the board game monopoly with his fans. His fans are called Sherrios.

Maybe he can shoot his next music video there!

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