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Man shot dead in nudist beach for being TOO naked

nudist beach
Nudist beach

The elderly gunman shot a 46 year old man at least three times in La Mama – Nudist Beach in Lyon, France.

A heated argument escalated in which the victim refused to handle the situation elsewhere.

The altercation happened on Saturday morning in which the victim was visibly bothering and annoying beach goers. He was also insulting and threatening them as well.

Nudist beach investigation:

Shortly after, the 46 year old man was caught pleasuring himself in front of a naked woman which is taboo in naturist beaches.

Moments after the altercation and not wanting to deescalate the situation, he elderlyman shot him at least three times, including once in the chest.

Despite the paramedics’ best efforts to save him, he was pronounced dead at the scene, according to French police.

Any kind of sexual act is highly prohibited. Even having a visible erection is frowned upon.

Nudist Beach
Nudist Beach

Other common nude beach etiquette includes no starting or gawking, leaving your camera at home, knowing the rules, and keeping your distance from others.

In fact, the “Naturist Beach Code” explicitly stated, “Any sexual activity of any kind is strictly prohibited the same way it’s prohibited in other public places.”

Another major victim

Lorraine Fisher, 34, was the girl that was being abused by the man that was shot.
The victim claimed that he recognised Fisher from OnlyFans and couldn’t help himself.

That’s when the elderly gunman came and said, put that thing away or I will have to take my gun out. The violator, while flexing his arms responded with, what, like these guns?

The gunman who was a hunting enthusiast who had a legal firearm license didn’t even resist arrest because deep down, he knew his gun wasn’t as big as the man’s guns he had for arms.

I guess the victim shot his shot with her by trying to shoot a load only to realize that he was gonna be the one being shot a load on his chest.

La Mama beach sees over 3.5 million visitors per year. I wonder if this occurrence will change that.

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