Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Doris from Melton is moving

If the Suffolk Gazette was a radio show, then Brian and Doris from Melton would be its star performers.

Those who remembered the hilarious phone-in from Brian to Town 102, talking about the Great Hurricane and how his mum Doris, aged 94, was the mystery person to phone the BBC to warn it was coming, will be pleased to know we’ve found two more ‘Brian from Melton’ phone-ins.

In the first, he tells radio Town 102’s Nick Pandolfi that he and his long-suffering mum are moving out of Melton because of the unwelcome attention they got from the original broadcast – including visits from the Sunday Mirror and calls from the Tricia Show on Channel 5 “which we can’t get in Melton because we’re still extraterrestrial here”.

Next, Brian rings in to Nick’s show trying to win a trip to Pleasurewood Hills for his mum, who has wanted to visit the theme park “near Loowestorft” for years.

Both are highly recommended listening, and we’ve added the original call, which started it all off, at the bottom, which featured the unfortunate loss of Doris’ tea towels and a torrid time for Biscuit the dog.


Pleasurewood Hills

The original ‘Great Storm’ call

The recordings were first broadcast back in 2013, and Nick has since left Town 102 (although he returned to guest broadcast a short while ago).

As a thank you for using his Doris from Melton material here, we’ll happily give his website a plug.

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