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Donald Trump launches his own social media app

Donald Trump launches his own social media app
Donald Trump launches his own social media app

After being banned from Twitter, Donald Trump decided to start “Wonder Moron”. It’s the latest social media app where you can order KFC and have a group of drones come over to your house and give you a tattoo of the Swastika.

The only way you can sign up for this social media app is if you order KFC and agree to get the Swastika tattooed on your arm, lower back, and inside your lip. Unfortunately no people of color, democrats, open minded liberals, atheists, free thinkers, or foreigners are allowed on this app.

So you might be wondering, what’s so special about this app? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. No wonder the app is called Wonder Moron. 

Donald Trump app funding

Donald Trump personally tried to get funding from venture capitalist firms in silicon valley but they all declined because they thought the idea was absurd. He even went as far as kidnapping Indian software engineers to build his app for $2 dollars an hour.

Hugh Dennett, a famous British comedian poked fun at Wonder Moron’s slogan which reportedly, Trump himself came up with. The slogan is, “Women are always wondering what you’re thinking about. Don’t tell them, let them keep wondering.”

Is it a threat to Elon Musk?

Dennett later commented saying, “This slogan has nothing to do with his social media app. Is it really a social media app? More like Uber Eats for neonazis. Uber is a German word after all meaning “over”, “above”, or “accross”. The slogan should be, “The rest of the world is always wondering what this moron is thinking about doing next with his outrageous business ventures.”

Lorraine Fisher, 34, a Marketing Expert and Journalist had an extremely private conversation with a person from “Wonder Moron”. This person did not want to reveal themselves so they dressed up The Hulk, painted his body green, and had a voice modifier.

This person was also eating greasy chicken from KFC. During the interview, grease spilled on his voice modifier, which made it malfunction revealing that it was obviously Donald Trump. He was supposed to be green like the hulk but slowly during the interview, he started turning orange like “The Thing” from Fantastic four.


The interview ended abruptly with Trump saying, “When you agree to the terms, a group of drones will deliver a special phone with the app already installed in order to track you. You cannot download it from the app store. Also, you have to pay to use it, which is $500 per month.”

So, will you leave Twitter and move to Wonder Moron?

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