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Trump kicks Democrats into touch with launch of golden sneakers

Trump kicks Democrats into touch with launch of golden sneakers

PHILADELPHIA, USA – Embattled former US President Donald Trump stamped his authority on Sneaker Con, a convention for sneakers aficionados in Philadelphia, by launching his very own line of Trump-branded trainers.

Consumer Correspondent: Colin Allcabs

The event, however, was anything but a walk in the park for the controversial figure, as his appearance was met with a cacophony of both boos and some cheers from the crowd.

The Trump Sneakers

Undeterred by the mixed reception, Trump proudly presented a pair of gold-coloured, hip-hop-style sneakers, adorned with his signature branding, and priced at a hefty $399. Despite the frosty atmosphere, some attendees couldn’t resist the allure of owning a piece of Trump memorabilia, eagerly snapping up the limited edition kicks.


Trump’s foray into the sneaker market comes hot on the heels of a recent legal setback, as a judge ordered him to pay a staggering $355 million to New York state for allegedly lying about the values of his properties. Denying any wrongdoing, Trump lashed out at the judiciary, labelling the judge as “crooked” and decrying the ruling as a “very sad day” for the country.

Responding to the palpable tension in the room, Trump seized the opportunity to rally his supporters and assert his determination to “make American feet great again.” Despite facing mounting legal challenges and widespread criticism, Trump remains a formidable force in American politics, with many speculating about his potential candidacy in the upcoming presidential election.

Walk a mile in my shoes

As Trump’s sneaker empire takes its first steps into the market, one thing is clear: love him or loafer him, the former president knows how to leave a lasting footprint, even if it means stepping on a few toes along the way.

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