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Diesel jeans to be phased out over foul emissions

Diesel jeans to be phased out

Diesel jeans are to be phased out because people wearing them give off more foul emissions.

Tests also show Diesel jeans aficionados make more noise and smoke, the Government has confirmed.

Environmentalists says men and women should trade in their jeans for a pair of electric trousers, which can be silent but deadly (especially in the rain).

However, fans say they have been stitched up by the Government.

Diesel jeans owner Lorraine Fisher, 34, from Suffolk, said: “Only a few years ago the Government was encouraging us to buy Diesel jeans because they were better for the environment.

“Now we’ve spent our money as they advised, and they’re telling us to ditch them.

“They won’t even give us a Diesel jeans scrappage scheme.”

Diesel jeans

Electric trousers are becoming increasingly common in the UK, with charging points in most town centres.

With ever more hi-tech versions coming onto the market, some owners say they can now walk two miles before having to top up.

Prime Minister Theresa May has said she wants Britain to be at the forefront of the electric trousers industry.

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