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Disney’s Cars 4 ‘UK Gridlock’ release date announced

Disney's Cars 4 ‘UK Gridlock’ release date announced
Evergreen truck to be introduced a a villain in the movie.

UK Gridlock inspired long-awaited fourth instalment of the popular Disney Pixel Cars film series is due for release in the UK in time for Christmas.

Set amidst the traffic chaos of the UK’s overcrowded road network. Cars 4 (or 5) ‘UK Gridlock’ is sure to put bums back on the seats of Britain’s half-empty cinemas. If motorists can get through the traffic to arrive on time, that is.

Annoying UK Gridlock

The new movie introduces a new character – villian, ‘Evergreen’. A road-raging articulated lorry whose fury at being stuck in heavy traffic all the time, boils over into a destructive rampage causing even more traffic chaos, annoying diversions, and road closures.

Lightning McQueen, the series’ hero, learns about Evergreen’s angry antics from a news report. He watches on Fox News whilst on a break from preparing for the Florida 500. Evergreen’s furious temperament reminds McQueen of his dad (whose family originated from Scotland). From whom he is estranged, so he decides to quit the 500 for the UK to hunt down the loony lorry.

Entirely plausible ending

The film’s conclusion is a closely-guarded secret, but having considered the above synopsis over a cup of tea and a Twix. We at the Suffolk Gazette reckon we might have figured it out. After McQueen arrives in the UK and has about an hour’s worth of zany, uproarious, slapstick car chases. He finally catches up with the exhausted Evergreen. After an emotional heart-to-heart over a few cans of engine oil, McQueen realizes that Evergreen is… of course… wait for it… HIS DAD!!!! Evergreen McQueen. Genius!

£40 for a plush Evergreen McQueen

With the first three or four films having accrued over $1.4 billion in box office revenue worldwide. Associated merchandising sales amassing over $10 billion, Disney Pixar hopes the introduction of the new character in the hellish setting of UK road traffic will make the latest breathless instalment an Oscar contender.

Cars 4 ‘UK Gridlock’ opens at the Rio Cinema, Ipswich on 1st December.

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