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Only one more week of friends shoving politics down your throat on Facebook

Facebook users preaching politics
Angry Facebook friend lecturing you about how to vote

Britain was celebrating today as it emerged there’s only one more week of putting up with friends preaching their political views on Facebook.

With the general election now just six days away, it is believed Facebook will once again become a safe haven for people to boast about holidays, what they cooked for dinner and their kids’ first day at school.

UK Facebook users have become increasingly switched off by people on their feed telling them who to vote for, or labelling them as dumb for having a different view.

Facebook fan Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “I’ve got people telling me anyone voting Conservative is a selfish bigot, and others saying by voting for Labour I’m a raving loony lefty.

“Whatever happened to the days when everyone kept their political views to themselves?

“Now it’s millions of silly memes, boring political videos and overblown hyperbole. What a waste of time – does anyone ever change their voting intention because of some shite a friend has posted on Facebook?

“I’m sick and tired of it and the election can’t come soon enough.”

A Facebook insider said: “Don’t worry. Once this selfish ranting has finished, we’ll have some snow and everyone will start posting fascinating pictures of their garden looking like the Arctic.”

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