Sunday, May 19, 2024

Chris Rea is not now driving home for Christmas

Chris Rea not driving home for Christmas
Chris Rea was forced to turn back on the M1 (Photo: official YouTube video)

Rock star Chris Rea has been forced to turn around on the M1 and will no longer be driving home for Christmas.

Mr Rea had set off for his Middlesbrough home from London and was singing Driving Home for Christmas in his car when news broke on the radio.

Boris Johnson announced London had moved into Tier 4 and no-one could travel or join another household for Christmas.

Lorraine Fisher, 34, Mr Rea’s spokesperson said: “It put him in quite the pickle. He had just got on to the M1 and was looking forward to the 250-mile journey.

“But he then realised he was not allowed to drive home for Christmas after all. So, he had to turn around near Watford and go back to London again.”

It is not known how Mr Rea will pass the time in London. He might take up chess or poker, but is advised to visit the best poker training sites first.

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