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Desperate man makes it to Britain after fleeing Africa

A man has finally made it to the shores of Britain after escaping the horrors of a luxury safari holiday in Africa.

Mr Sajid Javid was one of the thousands of desperate people fleeing the African continent to reach the safety of the UK this week.

As many migrants took the brave decision to risk floating across the English Channel in perilous conditions, Mr Javid, a Home Secretary, took the first available first-class flight.

He wanted to show he was in charge of the growing migrant crisis, something that appeared troublesome while he was at a secret safari hideaway in South Africa for Christmas.

Political insider Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Thank the Lord that Mr Javid made it safely to Britain, all the way from Africa,

“I’m sure all the desperate people trying to get across the Channel in flimsy rubber dinghies will feel the same.”

Mr Javid spent a fortune on his luxury safari trip to Dulini, a hideaway in Kruger National Park which charges £840 per person per night. 

The swanky vacation offers guests private plunge pools and in-room massages while offering drives where leopards, lions and elephants can be spotted on the journey.

But that’s nothing to the exciting sights and sounds experienced by the African migrants who arrived in France to be afforded every possible luxury before their thrilling boat trip to the UK.

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