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Cancelled your trip to Vegas? How to recreate the experience at home

For most of us, the year 2020 has not planned out as we had hoped, and our travel plans, in particular, have been disrupted the most. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months, you will likely already be far too familiar with COVID-19 and the pandemic that has engulfed the globe this year.

However, if you have had to cancel a trip to the entertainment and gambling centre of the world, then do not panic. We are here to help you recreate the ultimate Las Vegas experience from the comfort of your own home. With the right games, company, food, and entertainment, you can enjoy a night at home while still feeling like you’re in the exciting state of Nevada!

Use online casinos

You simply cannot even attempt to recreate the Vegas experience from home without some games and gambling to get the night going. People travel from all over the world to visit the endless casinos in Vegas, but the beauty of recreating the experience from home is that you don’t have to go traipsing around looking for the best casino for you.

Instead, by making the most of the huge selection of online gambling platforms that have become available to us in recent years, you can play safely and securely from home. Finding the best online slots UK is made so much easier by online casino’s reviews sites that provides you with everything you need to know.

From the best online slots you can play to the free spins that are up for grabs, this site has listed the best online slots, as well as lots of other honest reviews. This means that whatever gaming interests you have, there will be an online casino for you that will help you recreate the ultimate Vegas experience and atmosphere at home. You may even experience some beginner’s luck!

Cook up a storm

A physical trip to Las Vegas would include some of the best cooked food in the world, so it is only right that you recreate this when bringing the Vegas experience to your own home. Food in Las Vegas is very diverse, and no matter what food you enjoy, you will find it in the thousands of bars and hotels that the city has to offer. Therefore, we recommend that you go for a buffet-style approach to the food you serve so that everyone involved can pick what they fancy.

While of course there are plenty of fine dining options in Vegas, we recommend that you stick to buffet food that can be eaten quickly so that you aren’t as restricted by rigid timing and are free to enjoy the games and entertainment. We suggest you cook up food such as chicken sliders, skewers, and waffle bites, to give you a taste of truly American food. 

Remember that you will be busy playing games online, so you don’t want to have greasy fingers. You may also want to give your food an overall Vegas theme by dishing up fast food and other dishes with a US theme.

Don’t forget the decorations

Las Vegas is well-known for its unique and glamourous décor, so it is crucial that you consider this when recreating the experience at home. From table games to giant dice and giant playing cards, you can buy a range of decorations, or if you fancy a challenge you could always get crafty and try to make decorations yourself.

However, if you want to go all out then you could draft in the professionals to help you take the decorations to the next level. Many event companies offer the ultimate ‘Vegas from home’ decoration packages, which include the perfect props and lighting to create the perfect atmosphere.

Just make sure that you don’t forget that the decorations won’t look anywhere near as good if you don’t have the right music to accompany them. An energising playlist is essential when creating the right atmosphere throughout the night and of course should feature some of the Vegas classics, such as Sinatra and Elvis. However, don’t be afraid to play whatever music gets the party going!

Have cocktails ready

A Las Vegas experience is also not complete without a range of delicious cocktails to enjoy, and you can enjoy these just as much from the comfort of your own home. Casino-themed cocktails are not as complicated as you might think and online you will find a range of Vegas cocktails, how to make them, and what ingredients you will need.

You may even want to add to the experience and create your very own Vegas-themed cocktail menu for yourself and your guests to choose from throughout the night. However, we do recommend that you have some pre-mixed cocktails at the ready so you can immerse yourself in the experience while always having a full glass in true Vegas fashion.

Dress code

Whether your Vegas at home experience is intended just for you and your family, or you plan to invite around some friends to share the fun, you could also consider a dress code to make it feel even more like you are in Vegas. While plenty of people keep it casual in Vegas, you could also go for the glitz and glam that has become synonymous with the Vegas strip. For the ultimate casino theme, you could set the dress code as formal wear, to add a bit of class to the experience.

However, if you want to keep it casual with just jeans and t-shirts then that’s fine as well. That’s the great thing about Vegas – it welcomes everyone!

By having the right decorations, music, and food on hand you can bring the Vegas experience to your own home while enjoying everything the world of online casinos has to offer and having a great night at the same time. Not even COVID-19 will get in the way of you experiencing everything that Las Vegas has to offer.

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