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Popular Magician’s assistant buried… twice!

Popular Magician’s assistant buried… twice!

Maggie Marvel was laid to rest in a unique two-piece coffin. Symbolising her integral role in over 12,000 “sawing a woman in half” tricks.

By Crime Editor: Rob Banks

Magic Circle

Friends, family, and fellow magicians gathered around the burial site to pay their respects to Marvel. Reminiscing about her illustrious career on the East Anglian light entertainment circuit.

The pinnacle of the Presto partnership was their unforgettable 1981 performance with iconic 1970s ventriloquist, Roger De Coursey, where their twist on the classic illusion, saw a cheese grater substituted for the traditional saw.

Marvel’s passing marks the end of an era in which she and Presto delighted audiences with their dazzling performances. Sadly, Presto himself met an untimely demise in 2011 due to a rabies infection stemming from a rabbit bite.

Magician’s magic

The decision to use a two-piece coffin was a touching tribute to Marvel’s remarkable contributions to the world of magic. It not only honoured her memory but also symbolized the multiple hemicorporectomies she endured in the name of her art.

As Marvel was laid to rest, she took the secrets of countless tricks and illusions with her, as well as her memories of audiences spellbound by her and Presto’s enchanting performances.

Though she may have left the stage, her legacy as a magician’s assistant extraordinaire will continue to inspire generations of aspiring magicians – and surgeons – for years to come.

Meanwhile: Norfolk magician jailed after accidentally sawing assistant in half

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