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Boris Johnson Resigns—Will He Take Electricity With Him?

The sun sets on failing power systems.

Is it raining frogs and blood? Probably not. But it’s about to get much darker in Britain, figuratively and literally. Whilst it might feel like the apocalypse is already happening, we haven’t seen anything yet.

With Boris Johnson stepping down, it’s only a matter of time before England’s entire electrical grid goes with him. After years of single-handedly generating the energy needed to power the entire City of London (explaining his iconic electrified flock of seagulls haircut), the resigning PM said enough is enough. Mr Johnson has retracted his commitment to being the UK’s sole power generator. 

The Cost of Electricity in the UK

It might be time to invest in portable power stations UK. Otherwise, you may find yourself house hopping through the post-electric wasteland without the ability to access your phone and read important articles like this one.  

As Bloomberg reported on July 25th, the city of London spent a record high £9,724.54 per Megawatt hour to keep the city powered. That’s 5,000% higher than usual, and all to avoid a potential blackout. 

Some experts have blamed the rising temperatures due to the climate crisis. But government insiders we spoke to privately dismissed those allegations as a liberal spectacle and linked the near blackout directly to Johnson’s recent resignation. 

What Boris Johnson’s Cabinet Had to Do with the Current Crisis

For some, the recent crisis is unrelated to the climate crisis or surging temperatures. They view Johnson as the single factor contributing to the electricity crisis and the crumbling infrastructure. The lack of investment in new green technology has irked many a Parliamentary figure. 

Whilst some lay the blame squarely at Johnson’s feet, others say the amount of electricity purchased to avoid the blackout was minuscule. They believe purchasing it from across the channel in Belgium at the aforementioned astronomical price was the only solution to balance the power in the wake of Johnson’s catastrophic resignation and prevent a city-wide blackout that could last days if not weeks.

This crisis is hardly the only one to plague Johnson’s administration. Criticised for his rule-flouting quarantine parties and the recent sex scandal involving alleged groper and personal ally Christopher Pincher, Johnson stepped down from his position as Prime Minister on July 7th. He leaves a legacy of isolating nationalism, greater electricity uncertainty, and even more remarkable hair. Johnson’s accomplishments may not be enough to help the country recover from dependence on him for its energy needs. 

What’s Next for the Nation?

As yet, no side of Parliament seems ready to address what many government leaders have labelled behind closed doors as the “true energy crisis.” With the Conservatives rushing to replace Johnson before month’s end, many believe the recent power blackout is merely a preview of what’s to come. 

Final Thoughts

The future of the UK and its energy grid look bleak in Boris Johnson’s wake. Will the UK find an alternate energy source or return to the Stone Age? Only time will tell how dark our future will grow.

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