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Injunction shields kids from marriage scandal

By Sue Grabbit, Legal Editor

A famous person was granted a High Court injunction yesterday to prevent a scandal about him being published in England and Wales.

The celebrity, known only as MCP, did not want his children to read that he was married and faithful to his spouse, known as PMT.

The judge at London’s High Court said that the couple’s children would be distressed to find out that their parents had wed, stayed loyal to each other and had never joined the Mile High Club with other passengers or shagged strangers they had met in pubs.


“They would be a laughing stock in the playground,” said Lord Canute of Frogspawn. “The facts may be on the Internet and published in Scotland and in newspapers around the world, and we accept that the children may find out on the bus or on Twitter.

“But the parents told them they had been on the Jeremy Kyle Show discussing group sex they had enjoyed, along with one night stands and one of them having had drink and cocaine problems in the past. The children had believed this and were happy in this knowledge.

“It would not be fair to see their mother and father portrayed in the newspapers as a boring couple who would turn down the chance of a threesome.”

With the injunction in place, anyone who names the couple could be sent to prison for contempt of court.

A spokesman for the Press said: “This is draconian. To threaten people with jail for telling the truth or repeating stories that have been published around the world and on social media is a retrograde step in a democratic society. The public, who have supported the celebrity throughout his career by buying his products, have a right to know that he has never so much as looked at another woman.”

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