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Huw Edwards considered for lead role in Beeb’s ‘Porridge’ remake

Huw Edwards considered for lead role in Beeb’s ‘Porridge’ remake

The BBC has announced its plans to revive the classic 1970’s prison comedy ‘Porridge’ with former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the lead role of Norman Stanley Fletcher, originally portrayed by the legendary comedian Ronnie Barker.

The recently retired PM got the nod in a run-off against news anchor and dirty old man, Huw Edwards, who, in light of recent revelations about his not-so-private life was also seriously considered for the role.

BBC plan

BBC executives however decided that Johnson’s impeccable comedic timing and knack for getting into sticky situations made him the perfect candidate to bring the beloved character back to life. After all, who better to navigate the treacherous waters of HMP Slade than a man who has made a career out of high crimes and misdemeanors?


The plot will revolve around Fletcher’s attempts to escape from the clutches of the prison system and return triumphantly to Downing Street, with Johnson’s version of the character employing his trademark bluster and bumbling charm.

Viewers can look forward to hilarious scenes of tubby ‘nerk’, Johnson getting stuck in tunnels, accidentally unlocking cell doors, and charming his way out of trouble with his disheveled hair and well-timed one-liners.

The popular character

Rumours that other popular characters from the show are to be portrayed by former party colleagues are unconfirmed but MPs; Matt Hancock, Michael Gove, and James Cleverly are reported to have read for the parts of Lenny Godber, Warren, and McLaren respectively.

The character of gay inmate, Lukewarm, played by Christopher Biggins in the original show could be filled by any number of fat, homosexual Tory MPs.


Critics have already begun to speculate about the show’s potential for satire. With Johnson’s colorful political career, it’s hard not to draw parallels between his real-life escapades and the shenanigans of the fictional inmate.

From broken promises to controversial decisions, it seems like ‘scrote’ Johnson has been preparing for this role his whole life.

As news of the casting broke, social media erupted with a mix of excitement and disbelief. While some praised the BBC for their unusually impartial choice, others questioned whether Johnson’s acting chops could live up to Barker’s iconic portrayal.

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