Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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Americans would welcome return to British rule, new poll reveals

The Queen of England
Americans want Her Majesty as head of state

As the United States celebrates Independence Day, a shock new poll reveals a growing number of Americans would like a return of British rule.

43% of those polled in the exclusive survey for this newspaper said they like the idea of the Queen as Head of State and Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

The numbers are rising and approaching those required for President Biden to launch a national referendum.

British supporter Lorraine Fisher, 34, who lives on Long Island, said: “Quite frankly we’ve had enough of the political system here in the United States.

“We look enviously across the pond at what goes on in Britain.

“Tea, Wimbledon, harmony and no class divide or diversity problems. It’s quaint and we should never have given it all up back in 1776.”

The Suffolk Gazette poll of 27,000 Amercians across the nation is the biggest so far.

Whitehouse officials are refusing to comment on the findings.

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