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Anti Monarchy protestor holding “Not MyKing” sign upsets everyone

Anti Monarchy protestor holding "Not MyKing" sign upsets everyone
Anti Monarchy protestor surrounded by the Police

The momentous, heart-stirring procession of tens of thousands of Queen fans determined to bid their late ma’am one last appreciative farewell was interrupted today by an Anti Monarchy.

Who is Anti Monarchy protestor?

Woke moron and exceedingly arrogant member of the University of Suffolk’s Students’ Union, Vera Gartside a.k.a Anti Monarchy protestor thought it would be clever to use our beloved queen’s penultimate resting place in Westminster Hall.

SW1P, to make a complete show of herself stating the bleedin’ obvious on a hastily produced flexible A3 placard made from materials probably stolen from the University’s photocopy room.

Gartside (Anti Monarchy protestor), a well known authoritarian loon, completely lacking in self-awareness, convinced herself that the rest of us needed to be told that the phrase ‘Not my King’ requires the insertion of a space between the words ‘my’ and ‘King’.

Well, frankly Miss Gartside, this reporter knew that, the readers of the Suffolk Gazette knew that and most three-year-old nursery students know that too!

The correct grammatical formation of the phrase ‘Not my King’ is of course, ‘Not my King’ – note the brace of spaces interspersed in the correct places.

On her Facebook page, Miss Gartside lists among her skills and interests: ‘Telling other people what to do’, ‘routinely drawing attention to oneself’, ‘over-compensating for feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness’, and ‘deliberately dressing in unwashed, scruffy clothes to accentuate her pseudo-radical, anti-materialistic credentials.’

Public message to the protestor:

On behalf of the literate Britons who mourn and miss terribly, our irreplaceable ‘Lilibet’, this publication wishes to send the following message to Miss Gartside…


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