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July in technology history – important events throughout time

As we head into the second half (and third quarter) of 2022, we’re taking a look at some noteworthy tech milestones which have occurred throughout time in the month of July.

It turns out plenty has happened in the month of July throughout the years. These may be events that changed the course of the world as we now know it or just some interesting tidbits that might arm you for a pub quiz somewhere down the line.

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The Sony Walkman – 1st July.

On 1st July 1979, the Sony Walkman model TPS-L2 was released. The device had a sleek aluminium case (although later models were made of plastic) and headphones which weighed 45 grams. The Walkman was the first listening device which was designed for use on the move, as the name suggests. Original models included two headphone jacks for multiple listener use and also an in-built microphone with music muting capabilities, so you could talk to someone whilst still wearing the headphones. However, the latter feature was later removed due to lack of popularity. What is for sure, is that the Walkman paved the way for changing listening habits.

Donkey Kong – 9th July.

Donkey Kong was released on July 9th of 1981 by Nintendo. The first in a long line of DK games and titles including the character(s) of the title. Of course, DK is associated with the Mario Brothers series, with Mario making his debut in this game. Developed by Shigeru Miyamoto from Japan, the story was centred around the character of Donkey Kong kidnapping a woman (later called Pauline). Players would have to navigate various perilous arcade-based challenges to rescue Pauline from DK’s grasp. Mario went on to star in over 200 games from this original title (up to this point) so you could say this was a bit of a game-changer.

Apollo 11 : The Moon Landing – 20th July.

The infamous, much-debated moon landing from the craft Apollo 11th was a July event. Back in 1969, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin et al landed the first moon-bound spaceflight. 6 hours later, Armstrong became the first to take first steps on the moon, Aldrin joined him 19 minutes later. The lift-off took place at Kennedy Space Centre, in Florida but throughout the years, many conspiracy theories have emerged and gained traction. Mainly, they centre around the notion that the landing itself was staged, and was in fact filmed in a television studio, citing factors such as a wind-blown US flag and ‘reflections’ in the background as proof. In reality, it’s pretty unlikely that it was staged and this is definitely a milestone July event worth recognising either way!

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