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The most successful small businesses to start in 2022

The relevance and popularity of different business sectors change every year. The interest of the target audience in a certain type of services and goods directly affects the growth of profits of businesses engaged in sales and manufacturing. Annual statistics and forecasting of popular businesses are performed by leading analysts who carefully review a number of segments that are worthy of attention.

When considering small business analytics for 2022 with the aim to make an investment or launch a startup, it’s recommended to have a look at today’s online companies, which have shown rapid growth in profitability and customer reach over the last 7 years. Such online projects include reselling items, beauty products, toys, and everyday goods, or industries closely related to cryptocurrency, marketing, training, and the IT field.

How to find a popular startup idea

The success of almost any startup depends directly on a good idea. It makes no difference whether it was borrowed and taken from business analysts’ statistics or developed independently. In fact, there are millions of ideas, hundreds of directions, and dozens of ways to implement absolutely any project.

Search for relevant business ideas in 2022

A lot of ideas are offered to users online, which according to the forecasts and observations of experts should prove to be popular and profitable in the coming years. Naturally, one should also take into account the need to acquire a target audience, as well as the company’s growth trend compared to competing companies. Due to the pandemic, unstable currencies and restrictions, several startup areas that were offered in 2021 remained relevant.

FieldInvestments in the first yearFeatures and description
Automatic plagiarism detection systemMore than $5.000.000MarqVision’s robot detects and automatically reports copyright violations. Thanks to the software, the work of administrators of websites, marketplaces, and trading platforms are considerably simplified.
Authentic food deliveryThe project investment  amounted to more than $70,000,000 in its first year of operationDevelopment of applications for compatriots in different countries. The brightest example is HungryPanda. The application was invented for the Chinese but it gained unimaginable popularity among the citizens of 9 countries. The goal was to make it possible for people abroad to order their favorite food using a familiar interface and native language.
Fitness and HealthAbout $3,500,000 in outsourced investments from users of health maintenance programsAn online project designed for people who want to take care of their mental and physical health despite the limitations of pandemics. A survey conducted by McKinsey and Freeletics showed that more than 79% of respondents called it necessary for every person
The system of choosing a counselor$3,000,000 investment from usersFinding a psychotherapist, arranging for an online appointment. The Frame is software that became very relevant during the pandemic, even though it was being developed long before the restrictions associated with Covid-19.
Lending and online installment plans$825,000 in investmentsMaintaining a familiar lifestyle and celebrating personal festivities despite limited budgets is a standard problem that a startup called Maroo can solve
Storage and protection of crypto-investments of traders and miners$11,000,000 seed investment in the first quarter of operationRedefire is a new company that has attracted traders and investors from different countries. Its popularity is ensured by the relevance of Blockchain and the variety of currencies in which companies invest.

It was and still is natural for such startups not only to have ideas that are interesting and popular with the audience but also to have initial investments that are not limited to a couple of thousand dollars. A logical question would be “where to get funding for a startup business?”. The answer to this question can be found on the dedicated website in the article Where to Get Funding for a Startup Business.

Investing in a new business

It is unrealistic to start a successful business without financial investment and investment of one’s own time. Naturally, the initial promotion, the purchase of goods, and the hiring of employees or advertising are associated with good investments from the future business owner. The question of where to get the necessary amount, taking into account the initial investment and the investment in the first 3 to 6 months of the startup operation, is still crucial.

Is it recommended to take a business start-up loan in 2022?

Perhaps, it is one of the most unfortunate thoughts for a new entrepreneur to think about financing a startup with bank loans. At a time of economic instability, pandemics, and a global shortage of money among the country’s population, you cannot count on a quick payback of any investment in a startup.

Banks, feeling the instability of economic development, may refuse to finance even a person with an excellent credit rating. There can be many reasons for refusal, for instance,

  1. Uncertainty of the loan officer in the profitability of your business.
  2. Unstable situation in the labor market.
  3. Decline in purchasing power.
  4. Lack of guarantees for loan repayment.

These and many other reasons can be decisive in providing a loan. In fact, lending may not be profitable for both the bank and the entrepreneur. A higher interest rate or a reduction in the amount that they are willing to lend you against the security of property and with the condition of compulsory insurance will not be the best deal and is an extremely wrong first decision for any business owner.

Asset transfer

One of the solutions in getting an initial investment can be the sale of assets. Any property, be it a business, real estate, or a car, can be sold, and then the money is invested in a new startup. In terms of the financial component, this method has only one advantage – the problem of finding the necessary budget will be solved. There are a lot more disadvantages to such an idea, such as

  • loss of income;
  • change of habitual life;
  • transformation of an asset into a liability;
  • lack of a financial safety pillow;
  • decrease in credit credibility in the eyes of the bank or future investors.

Selling assets would entail finding transportation, renting a place to live, or finding a source of additional income, which is not compatible with the idea of developing a startup. If we consider business as a risk, it is much more reasonable to look for an investment in an activity that is similar in terms of risks and high profit. We are referring to the casino. Given the modern possibilities of online casinos, and the chance to get not only income but also to quench the thirst for excitement, the future business owner can take advantage of free gambling establishments that offer free spins slots. They will help you to assess your chances of winning for free and get the necessary investment for a startup, without resorting to the services of banks.

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