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400 BBC Jobs in danger

400 BBC Jobs in danger

In a shocking move, designed to make it ‘appear’ less gluttonous. 400 BBC jobs to be ‘slashed’ (not take a piss – trim) from its revered ‘World Service’.

Considering there are only 195 recognized countries in the world, this means two things:-

  1. No other country in the world other than Scotland, now has a BBC overseas correspondent.
  2. Before the slashing, every country in the world had at least two overseas correspondents. Gluttony.

Lavish with its front

Critics of the BBC accuse it of being excessively staffed, wasteful, lavish with its front-of-camera ‘talent’’s salaries, and unrestrained with boss’s pay & conditions.

For example, taking a quick look at the BBC’s published list of senior staff, and picking three individuals at random, this reporter discovered the following about the remuneration packages being funded by BBC license payers:-

Carla-Maria Lawson (Head of Daytime) £160,000-£164,999

Noel Scotford (HR Director, Systems and Management Information) £180,000-£184,999

Kerris Bright (Chief Customer Officer) £360,000-£364,999

BBC Jobs slash & Senior staff

And that’s at random. There are almost certainly more inflated salaries amongst the tens of senior roles clearly not being considered for slashing (this time it does mean taking the piss.)

One word springs to mind….

Ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous in fact.

HMRC data shows that the average UK salary at the start of 2022 was £24,600. The average salary for a nurse is £35,000. For a fireman, £34,600. A teacher, with over ten years experience, £37,000. And a troglodyte cleaner? £21,463

Greedy Pigs

Yet, for dining al fresco at a Kensington bistro, working out whether or not to put Peppa Pig ahead of Postman Pat on the telly during the day.

OR for quaffing champagne while calculating out how much of your department’s staggering budget you can spare to buy-in endless re-runs of low-brow tripe ‘Homes under the hammer’.

Could be imbecilic drivel ‘Rip Off Britain’ to broadcast to the unemployed (ensuring you leave enough for salaries of course), Carla-Maria, Noel & Kerris are quite happy to accept over three-quarters of a MILLION of your POUNDS between them.

Rip Off Britain? More like rip-off Britain’s Broadcasting Company.

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