Thursday, June 13, 2024

An-anti white racist is new BBC Director General

An-anti white racist is new BBC Director General

BBC BROADCASTING HOUSE, LONDON – The BBC, known for its commitment to diversity, equity and impartiality inclusion, has appointed Dawn Queva. The recently outed anti-Semite and anti-white racist, as its new Director General.

Queva (BBC Director General), previously a programme co-ordinator at the corporation. Has gained notoriety for a series of disturbing Facebook posts that openly expressed her discriminatory views.

The promotion (BBC Director General) has raised eyebrows across the media landscape. Leading seasoned commentators to question the BBC’s commitment to its founding principles. However, the decision to elevate Miss Queva to the highest position within the corporation comes with a remarkable unapologetic justification.

According to a spokeswoman, Queva’s views are deemed “perfectly in line with our editorial policy and DEI hiring guidelines.” Recent reports in the national press highlighted how BBC staff are being told not to hire candidates. Who are “dismissive” of diversity and inclusion, and it appears that Miss Queva’s recently posted claims.that Britain was “bigoted” and “genocidal” align with the BBC hiring doctrine?

What would Auntie say?

Queva’s ascent to the top echelons of the BBC was allegedly clinched after she asserted on her job application. That “White people are a parasitic, barbaric, deviant, murderous, genocidal and thieving race”, and that Jewish people are “lying scum” and “Nazi parasites”.

According to the head of Human resources at the beeb, her impressive CV compared former Israeli leaders to Adolf Hitler. Referred to the Holocaust as the “holohoax” and demonstrated how Israel is trying to “forcibly sterilise black women”.

As sociopath, Queva (BBC Director General) assumes her exciting new role as the Director General. With its nine-figure salary, spacious penthouse office suite, and VIP tickets to Wimbledon. We asked staff at Broadcasting House what they thought about their controversial new DG.

Betty Parsnips, a cook in the BBC canteen told us: “Queva’s? That one from the Facebook? Oh, she’ll love it here. I told her secretary that she’s welcome down here anytime. We have a whole tray of chips to match that massive one she has on her shoulder.”

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