Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Woman visiting the beach complains too many people are visiting the beach

Norfolk beach

A woman who went on a trip to the beach was disgusted to find so many other people had decided to do the same thing.

Lorraine Fisher, 34, packed her bottle of wine, portable BBQ and a Z-list celebrity magazine before heading off to the seaside.

But she was furious when other people also turned up, making it too busy for her liking.

“I even got here nice and early,” Ms Fisher said. “But before I could say ‘Rub this cream into my back’, the place was overcrowded.

“Do these people not know there is a pandemic on?

“There was no social distancing. It’s disgusting. And I had to queue for the car park.”

While many seaside towns across East Anglia rely on the tourism pound for income, they also do not want people risking health by turning up en masse when social distancing regulations are still in place.

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