Saturday, June 15, 2024

Dr Who travels back in time to film in Suffolk

TV fans were amazed to stumble across an episode of Dr Who being filmed in Suffolk.

The famous TARDIS was spotted landing in a field at Kelsale, Suffolk. Where the Dr Who, actress Jodie Whittaker was filming a scene with the Daleks.

Show insiders say the episode involves the Dr Who arriving randomly in Suffolk, assuming she had travelled back in time by hundreds of years.

In fact, she is dropped in the middle of the modern-day Suffolk countryside, but nobody could tell the difference.

She is confronted by the Daleks who have taken control of nearby Saxmundham because they thought the freakish-looking locals were from another planet.

But it turns out that the evil Daleks, led by Davros, were in east Suffolk for a reason – they wanted to over-run the Sizewell B Nuclear Power Station and access its radioactive fuel.

Dr Who Tardis filming in Suffolk
The TARDIS spotted in a field at Kelsale (Photo: Bev Squirrell)

However, to prevent a potential nuclear catastrophe, the Doctor and her assistant come up with an ingenious plan.

Local woman Lorraine Fisher, 34, who watched some of the filming from behind a hedge, said: “They quickly built some steps leading up to the power station door, so the Daleks couldn’t get in.

“It seems the Dr Who has come to our rescue yet again.”

The episode is expected to hit our TV screens next summer.

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