Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Wigleys Extra Pleasure Chewing Cum ‘hard to swallow’

Wigleys Extra Pleasure Chewing Cum ‘hard to swallow’

Wigleys, the renowned chewing gum manufacturer, recently unveiled their latest creation: “Extra Pleasure” gum, a supposed adult-oriented stick of gum flavored with a jap’s-eyebrow-raising ingredient—semen.

Promising an experience that’s not for the faint of heart (or taste buds). ‘Wigleys Extra Pleasure Chewing Cum’ boasts a flavor profile that’s, well, intimately unconventional. Infused with the essence of the forbidden fruit, the gum is touted to have that certain. Uh, distinctive zing that’s sure to leave an impression on your senses.

With a controversial ad campaign that encourages customers to ‘spit or swallow’ the gum. Wigleys is putting its commercial balls on the table.

Hard on

The ‘suck it and see’ gum has left at least one consumer with a nasty taste in their mouth.

Suffolk resident, Thomas Crinch, chair of the campaign group Residents Against Everything (RAGE). Told the SUFFOLK GAZETTE that he was appalled at the “new low” in British commerce. “When I was a lad, the East India Company responsibly traded in basic commodities including cotton, silk, indigo dye, sugar, spices, tea, and opium that they stole from the Banyans,” Crinch told me with a squint in both eyes.

“They wouldn’t have DARED deal in goods containing SATAN’s BUTTER!!!!! Anyhow, have you even tried the stuff? It’s rock hard, doesn’t matter how long you have the thing in your mouth, it never goes soft, WHAT!?”

Better the Devil you know

Despite the furor, Wigleys executives are standing firm, insisting that ‘Chewing Cum’ is all in good fun and a cheeky celebration of adult desires. Some brave souls have even taken to social media to share their EXTRA PLEASURE taste test experiences on video, while others just stick to the old-fashioned method of sucking their fella’s cock.

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