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Warnings as central heating argument R rate rises above 1

Britain keeps the heating on

The Government warned of tougher restrictions today as it emerged the R rate for family central heating arguments had risen above 1.

As the weather turned, the number of couples rowing about turning up the heating has been rising at worrying levels.

Now the R number is around 1.2, meaning another couple argues for each thermostat incident recorded.

“We may be forced to order people to wear a jumper to prevent further cross words,” a Government energy minister said.

It’s thought this year’s central heating problem is made worse by the sudden change in the weather. Britain has gone from glorious sunshine and high temperatures to driving rain, gales and even snow almost overnight.

Lorraine Fisher, 34, a woman, said: “It’s far too chilly, and I can’t get warm. I refuse to wear an uncomfortable, thick jumper or moderate trouser wear, so I like to turn up the thermostat until the heating clicks into gear.”

But partner Steve Walshe added: “It’s a ridiculous waste of money. We’re still in September, for goodness sake. The house is like an oven.”

It would save many an argument if more households did a postcode check to compare and save on their energy bills. If they did, turning on the heating early wouldn’t matter so much.

The Government may have to keep control measures in place until a vaccine is in place to bring the R number of infections down.

“There are tests going on to develop a fingerprint recognition device for thermostats so that only the man of the house can use them.

“We’re hoping to bring it in before winter sets in and Christmas can be saved.”

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