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10 unintended benefits of losing weight

Losing weight has many health benefits that we often read about or get told about, but we don’t focus enough on all the unintended and side benefits of losing some weight and getting into better shape. From better quality time with your kids to a fatter wallet with a slimmer body, here are 10 benefits you might not have thought about when it comes to weight loss.

Clothes shopping will be easier

Anyone with a bit of weight to lose will know how difficult and tiring it can be to try and find good fitting and stylish clothing. Usually, it’ll mean baggy clothing like cargo shorts and boring t-shirts or having slim pickings on colour and style because there just isn’t that much available to choose from. You’ve probably enviously browsed through the smaller sizes on display and wanted to pick a few of them up. Dropping some extra pounds means you’ll open your wardrobe choices right up and you can finally fit into all the clothing on the rack. It might not be the most important reason, but it will help you look good and feel good about what you’re wearing, which will increase your self-esteem.

Your self-esteem will increase

There’s a lot of good that will come from losing weight for your physical health. You’ll be lowering your risk factors for diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, and your body will be under less strain in general. Losing weight doesn’t only come with physical benefits. We don’t like to think we put a lot of thought into our physical appearance, but the truth is it can weigh on our minds more than we like to admit. Thanks to a new stylish wardrobe and a more in shape physique, you’ll undoubtedly feel better about yourself and that means you’ll carry yourself with more confidence and enjoy all the benefits of increased self-esteem.

You’ll learn to cook

A huge part of losing weight is getting your diet right, and that means you’re going to be leaving behind your fast food and pre-cooked meals form the grocery store and switching to home-cooked goodness using low fat and fresh ingredients to make healthy meals. Because you’re cooking for yourself, you’re going to need to learn how to, and that means you’re going to become comfortable in the kitchen if you’ve never had to before. Not only that, you’ll be enjoying great tasting on-the-go shakes like the range available from Shake That Weight, which offers 100% of your daily vitamins and minerals and can be used by themselves or in a combination with food you prepare yourself. Shake That Weight also offer free next-day delivery so you can start your diet sooner!

You’ll probably be surprised at the kind of tasty food you can make yourself and how much money you can save when you’re not eating fast food every day. Why not give it a go?

You’ll have more money

Eating out, buying fast food and pre-cooked meals can quickly get expensive, especially when you consider the amount of money you can save and what it costs to make your own food at home. Not only will it be infinitely healthier, and you can control the ingredients and amount of added salt, sugar and fats but you can make food at home for a fraction of the cost of buying it already made for you. By cooking your own food you’ll find your bank balance will be the first thing to thank you for your efforts. Just don’t go to the grocery store hungry or you’ll be buying all the snacks you see!

You’ll sleep better

It’s more difficult to get a good quality night’s sleep when you’re overweight. That’s because snoring and sleep apnea can be one of the problems that affect us most when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep when you’re carrying a bit of extra weight. Losing some weight can mean less neck fat and less snoring. That can only mean better quality and more restful sleep which means when morning breaks, you’re going to able to concentrate more.

You’ll be in a better mood

Having a lower BMI will mean that your hormones will be better balanced, and you won’t need to deal with the daily struggles of just moving around when you’re carrying more weight. That ultimately means you’ll be happier and in a better mood since no doubt exercise will be easier too, so you’ll get that natural dopamine increase that comes along with it. Plus, since your kids are likely more active than you’ve been able to keep up with, being fitter and leaner means you’ll be able to do more with them, and ultimately have more fun with your kids.

You’ll have more fun with your kids

Kids love physical activities, running around and playing sports and if you’re a bit overweight this quality time with them can feel laborious and actually be quite difficult. If you’re able to drop a few pounds, you’ll have more energy to spend with them on their favourite backyard sports games or just keep up with them. Plus, the next time you head off for a family outing to an amusement park or zoo, you’ll be more mobile, and you can just enjoy the day more than you have been able to before.

Seasonal allergies won’t be as bad

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, particularly those that affect your sinuses and lungs and make breathing more difficult, shedding some weight can make a difference to your life here too. A recent study conducted by the Centre for Disease Control make references to the links between obesity and seasonal allergies, particularly in children. Having less weight means symptoms for asthma symptoms can be less severe too, leading to a better quality of life overall and giving you the ability to be more active.

You’ll be more active

A lighter frame means moving around and doing exercise is infinitely less painful and laborious and that means that you’re likely to get more active. Weekend cycling and hiking activities can be introduced into your life and you can even meet new people if you join a sports club or start jogging with some friends. Exercise has benefits to your body both mentally and physically, and these benefits are only going to get better as you drop some weight.

You’ll travel more

Travelling on an airplane when you are overweight means fitting your body into a seat that simply isn’t adequate for your size, or it means ponying up the extra fees for a business class seat so you aren’t squashed for the endless hours spent in the air. No matter which way you do it, travelling won’t be something you dread anymore, even if you aren’t flying. You’ll be more comfortable sitting in a car or taking public transport, so you can take more holidays and see more of the world without all the drawbacks. You’ll be able to walk more too when you get to your destination, so you’ll save on cab fares and see more of the locale when you’re on foot.

Whatever your motivation for eating better and getting more active, you’re not going to regret the many benefits that come with some weight loss and being in better shape. These are just 10 things you might notice as you lose weight – there are many, many more.

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