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What’s that ridiculous thing on your head?

Trump and guardsman

President Donald Trump and a Buckingham Palace guardsman today argued over who had the most ridiculous thing on their head.

Mr Trump claimed the soldier’s tall, fur hat looked a bit weird.

But the soldier replied: “Not as stupid as what’s on your head, Mr President.”

Upon hearing the headgear was bearskin, Mr Trump retorted that he himself had gone “for the orangutan fur” look.

The good-natured banter came as Mr Trump and Melania were given a ceremonial welcome outside Buckingham Palace.

Trump state visit

On the first day of his state visit to the UK, Prince Philip had already caused a diplomatic row by welcoming Mr Trump and his wife “Stormy”.

Royal watcher Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Things have not gotten off to a great start. After the Philip howler, Mr Trump got into a conversation with a guardsman.

“He tried to take the mickey out of his bearskin hat because guardsmen famously don’t move a muscle and certainly don’t answer back.

“But to his horror – and the amusement of everyone else – the guardsman fired back with a volley of abuse about the President’s hairstyle.”

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