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Gordon Ramsay On Cocaine

Gordon Ramsay On Cocaine
Gordon Ramsay On Cocaine

They say if you want a wall built, hire a builder, and if you want to successfully prosecute a legal case, hire a lawyer. It’s no surprise therefore that when TV bosses wanted a show devoted to the abuse of vast quantities of cocaine, they turned to ‘telly addict’, Gordon Ramsay called Gordon Ramsay On Cocaine.

Keep It Off

The ‘new’ TV show, which is nothing like ‘Ross Kemp on Gangs’ stars Ramsay called: Gordon Ramsay On Cocaine and is produced by… wait for it… Studio Ramsay (How did he get the job? Hmmm?).

The production company says of the ground-retreading series (so, essentially Gordon talking about himself) “Gordon Ramsay travels to South and Central America to discover where the cocaine comes from and how it gets back to the United Kingdom.

While back in the in the U.K. he learns what is being done to try to keep it off the streets.”

He clearly has a special interest.

Popular With TV Celebrities

As one of the most addictive drugs of all, cocaine (popular with TV celebrities that’s why Gordon Ramsay On Cocaine) weakens a person’s ability to control dosage and frequency of use. While each person’s body may react differently, 10 common side effects of cocaine abuse are:

PHYSICAL CHANGES – Dilated pupils, increased heart rate, body temperature rises, face reddens. Remind you of anyone?

ADVERSE REACTIONS – Muscle twitches, tremors, agitated appearance. Remind you of anyone?

VIOLENT BEHAVIOR – Violent, erratic, and oftentimes bizarre behavior. Remind you of anyone?DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS – Causing one to have a special interest in food and diet. Remind you of anyone?

BINGE PATTERNS – As tolerance levels tend to rise quickly, each successive dosage /need to appear on TV/ego trip, grows larger and larger. Remind you of anyone?

SENSITIZATION – A person may start to experience a distorted sense of balance whenever using cocaine. Remind you of anyone?

PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTRESS – With continued use, a person’s psychological health becomes compromised to the point where he or she experiences feelings of paranoia, fury, and extreme dissatisfaction with the efforts and accomplishments of others.

Remind you of anyone? PSYCHOSIS – As brain functions deteriorate from ongoing cocaine use, a person may start to develop psychotic symptoms, such as believing one is working in a kitchen run by the Devil, and generally losing touch with reality.

Remind you of anyone? DEPRESSION – After so many weeks or months of using, brain chemical levels remain in an imbalanced state. Symptoms often appear as ‘losing faith in those one is trying to help.’ Remind you of anyone?

SUICIDAL THOUGHTS – This one is reserved for viewers of Ramsay’s never-ending new TV series.

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