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Trump: I want to buy Great Britain

By Sandy Driver, Golf Correspondent

US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has announced he’d like to buy Great Britain as he arrived in Suffolk today to review his plans for Aldeburgh Golf Club.

Speaking outside the clubhouse on the morning of the momentous EU Referendum result, he said “Little Englanders” were now his sort of people, and he should snap up the country.


The controversial republican, whose views resonate with Leave campaigners across Britain, told a press conference: “I want to buy this country. The people are my kinda people, and the price has dropped somewhat overnight. My accountants are looking at the books right now.”

Mr Trump, who wants to build a wall on the Mexican border, and who wants to prevent Muslims from entering the US, said the Brits were “cut from the same cloth as me”.

buy great britain donald TrumpTrump: Plans to buy the UK

He added: “Here in Suffolk the message was clear: they wanted out of Europe. And now they have welcomed me with open arms. I’d like to buy the country, I can afford it. I will build a wall around the whole coastline, and then a drawbridge, which we’ll pull up at the first sign of any foreigner trying to get in.”

The Suffolk Gazette revealed earlier this month that Donald Trump was buying Aldeburgh Golf Club.

Members are worried he might take the stuffy traditions of the club and make it more accessible to the common man.

But during Mr Trump’s trip to Suffolk today, where he arrived after viewing his other UK course, Turnberry in Scotland, Mr Trump insisted his purchase would benefit everyone.

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