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Donald Trump claims protestor is a Joe Bison supporter

President Donald Trump insists the horned protestor who stormed the US Capitol is a Joe Bison supporter.

In a Tweet, since deleted by Twitter, the embattled President said: “Sleepy Joe Bison sent a mob to the Capitol. Here is the proof. I won by a lot.”

Mr Trump seemed a little confused about who is to blame for the scandalous assault on US democracy.

Whitehouse aid Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “We have pointed out to Mr Trump that the next President is called Biden, not Bison, so this protestor is clearly not a Democrat.

“He went a deeper shade of orange but still insists it was a fraudulent riot.”

The bison man, dubbed the Jamiroquai of the Make America Great Again agitators, was pictured in the Capitol, with the images seen in disbelief around the world.

Even Iraq has sent troops to the US to keep the peace.

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