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Trump proves he has bigger buttons than Kim Jong-un

Trump button

President Trump insists his suit buttons are bigger than Kim Jong-un’s buttons, it has emerged.

The American President slapped down the North Korean leader by showing off his huge buttons in Washington today.


Mr Jong-un had claimed the button on his shiny suit could be done up at any time he wanted.

But Mr Trump, who has had enough of North Korea’s fastener outrages, hit back with some school playground tit-for-tat baiting.

A White House insider said: “The President wanted to make it perfectly clear that his button was bigger than Kim Jong-un’s button.

“To prove it, he paraded in front of the cameras on the White House lawn today, showing off his ridiculously huge buttons.

“The buttons are massive – about the same size of Jong-un’s haircut.

“We’re now all waiting for Kim Jong-un to come out with even bigger buttons, but we’re not worried because his won’t work.”


Some clothing experts are concerned that Mr Trump is able to access his buttons so easily.

One said: “It could put the world in peril if he got hold of one of the buttons and released it.

“It would be safer for us all if Mr Trump and irresponsible world leaders like the North Korean chap just wore jumpers instead.”

A spokesman for the North Korean regime said: “There can be no doubt that the Dear Leader has the biggest button in the world – he needs it to keep his fecking trousers up.”

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