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Failed Dalek invasion of Shingle Street confirmed for the first time

Dalek invasion of Shingle Street
The Dalek bone washed up on Shingle Street (Photo: John Bailey)

The astonishing discovery of a Dalek bone has confirmed historians’ claims there was a failed invasion at Shingle Street on the Suffolk coast.

It is widely believed that hoards of Daleks tried to invade Britain by sea, landing at Shingle Street, between Aldeburgh and Felixstowe.

Military historians and locals tell stories of a “sea of fire” as the army bravely defended the coastline.

But the Ministry of Defence, perhaps to maintain national morale, has slapped a ban on reporting the incident, denying it even happened.

Yet yesterday, a Dalek bone was found washed up on Shingle Street, proof if ever more was needed that thousands of Daleks died in the botched invasion.

Dalek invasion of Shingle Street
The astonishing Dalek remains at Shingle Street

Suffolk professor of history, Lorraine Fisher, 34, said remains of Daleks had been discovered on the beautiful stretch of coastline over the past 80 years.

Dalek exterminate

The find of the perfectly preserved Dalek manipulator arm, by a dog walker on Sunday, is the most exciting yet.

“It was preserved perfectly having presumably been buried in the silty seabed all that time. Storms over the weekend must have disturbed it and washed it ashore.

“We have strong evidence there was a failed invasion of Daleks.

“Locals recall a moonlit night many years ago when they were awoken by curious noises. At first, they thought it was a huge gaggle of calling geese from nearby Minsmere.

“But as the sound got closer, it was clearly thousands of strange voices shouting EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!

“There was then a loud explosion and the sky lit up as the sea turned to flames. Clearly, the army had been prepared.

“Stories of Dalek bodies being taken to London by train were rife at the time.”

The Dalek bone has been sent to the University of Suffolk for further examination.

Dalek spokesman, the mysterious Davros, told the Suffolk Gazette: “These rumours surface every now and again, but we categorically deny trying to invade Britain all those years ago. We are a peaceful bunch.”

Military historian, Colonel Steve Walshe said: “All the evidence points to this invasion attempt being true.

“But setting the sea alight to repel it was perhaps a little extreme, causing many unnecessary Dalek deaths. All we needed to do was build some steps up from the beach and they would have been stuck.”

Shingle Street was also at the centre of claims that Nazi Germany tried to invade there in 1940.

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