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Train passengers delighted as man sits down with smelly food

By Casey Jones, Railways Correspondent

Train passengers have spoken of their joy after a man sat down in their packed carriage and began eating stinking takeaway food.

Some broke out in cheers and others clapped as the pungent waft of spicy pork in wasabi and garlic sauce on noodles was heightened by the sound of slapping lips.

The exciting incident happened on the 6.30pm from Liverpool Street to Ipswich in Carriage D – transforming a monotonous journey into a cultural, foodie delight.

One commuter said: “I was sitting there after a hard day waiting for the train to depart, thinking there was no interesting smells to lighten my mood.

“Thankfully, all that changed when this bloke sat down and started tucking into what looked like a cardboard bucket of sick. The smell was vile, and spread through the whole carriage within seconds.

“Nobody said anything, of course, but many looked up to see who was eating something so delightful. Those who could not see were not left out, because everyone could hear as he slapped his lips, scraped the bottom of the bucket loudly with his plastic spoon, and sniffed every three seconds.

“It was a joy to behold, and everyone was grateful – so much so that there was clapping and cheering until Shenfield, when he finished the last morsel. That was a shame because all we had left to smell until we reached Ipswich was the usual residual stink of shit from the toilets.”

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