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Essex woman fury over ‘tight’ scarf

By Colin Allcabs, Consumer Correspondent

A woman from Essex is furious because a local store will not change her “faulty” tight scarf.

Blonde-haired Chelsea Gooch, 24, claimed the four-foot woollen garment became far too tight each time she tied it around her neck.


“Debenhams should have exchanged the scarf for another, or given me my money back. It’s disgusting,” she fumed.

Chelsea, an executive assistant trainee administrator beauty technician from Witham, had intended to enjoy a day of shopping in London’s Stratford to stock up her wardrobe for Autumn.

But she stood on the wrong platform and ended up on a train to Ipswich instead.

She said she decided to stay in Ipswich to get her clothes, but will now “never return” because of the tight scarf incident.


A Debenhams insider told the Suffolk Gazette: “We are sorry Miss Gooch is upset. We did suggest that if she did not pull the ends of the scarf together so hard it would not be tight.

“Sadly she would not take our advice on board. Thousands of women enjoy our scarf collection each Autumn, and no one else has a problem.”

The £5.99 blue-coloured scarf is now discarded in a cupboard at Chelsea’s apartment.

“It’s no use to me,” she said. “I might give it to my mum for Christmas – she’s smaller than me so it will fit her.”

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