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Mature woman is sexual predator

By Hugh Dunnett, Crime Correspondent

Police are warning men not to be taken in by an attractive older woman who is trawling Suffolk pubs offering to fulfill drinkers’ fantasies of having sex with a mother and her daughter.

Officers say the shapely blonde, believed to be in her late fifties, targets a vulnerable man sitting alone in a bar and offers to buy him a drink.

After a while of innocent chat, she asks if he has ever fantasised about a threesome with a woman and her daughter.

If the man, fuelled by a few pints of lager, shows interest, she invites him back to her house in Ipswich.

One victim, 27, who was too embarrassed to be named, issued a statement via the Suffolk Police press office to explain what happens.

He said: “I had enjoyed a couple of drinks and this woman, although a mature lady, was strikingly attractive.

“I had often wondered what it must be like to have a threesome with a woman and her daughter, so I couldn’t believe my luck when she suggested just that after sidling up to me in the pub.

“When we got back to her place I was getting very excited, and was told to wait in the sitting room.

“Only then did I discover the terrible truth. As I sat there, the woman went to the bottom of the stairs and shouted up, ‘Mum, are you still awake?’

“I’ve never run out of a house so quick in my life.”

A police spokesman said: “This woman is not breaking any laws, but she is not being entirely truthful with the poor young men she is befriending in pubs.”

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