Monday, July 22, 2024

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Fury as free pizzas and beer delivered to Brexit-voting MPs in Commons tonight

MPs voting on yet another load of Brexit amendments tonight will scoff free pizza and beer delivered to the House of Commons at our expense.

Taxpayers, who are fed up with MPs dithering over Brexit, will foot the bill for 700 large pizzas from Domino’s, which will be delivered to the House of Commons on a fleet of scooters.


Greedy MPs will then wash down the tasty dishes with bottles of ale ordered from a nearby Tesco Express.

Campaigners on both sides of the Brexit debate are furious that MPs are being rewarded for doing bugger all except sitting around kicking the leave/remain debate can down the road.

Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “It’s an insult to the British people that MPs have their snouts in the trough yet again, just for staying late in the office.

“Why should they tuck in to free pizza when there are millions of people starving up and down the country? People, incidentally, who would have done a far better job sorting the Brexit mess out.”


It is understood Theresa May has requested a ham and pineapple option while Jeremy Corbyn prefers a cheese and tomato pizza.

The free grub and booze will be paid out from the Fair Use Catering Kitchen Order Freebie Fund, or FUCKOFF for short.


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