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Theresa May to record Abba Christmas single, turns down jungle

Theresa May in the recording studio (Photo:
Kuhlmann Attribution 3.0 Germany)

Former Prime Minister Theresa May is recording a charity cover of ABBA’s Dancing Queen and hopes to make Christmas number one.

Mrs May has turned down ITV’s offer of appearing in this year’s I’m a Celebrity show, having endured enough snakes and rats in Westminster.

Instead, she is recording the single and will add a music video featuring her famous robot dancing.

The song will be released in aid of various charities close to her heart.

Her constituency office spokesperson Lorraine Fisher, 34, declined to confirm the charity single was being made.

But she added teasingly: “Theresa has big plans to raise lots of Money, Money, Money for charity this Christmas.”

A UK spokesperson for Abba, Sophie Young, confirmed: “We have been approached by a senior UK politician for permission to cover Dancing Queen.

“We hope it makes lots of money for good causes.”

Mrs May famously danced in front of the cameras on a foreign trip and her robot moves attracted much attention.

At the next Conservative Party Conference, she walked on stage for her speech accompanied by Dancing Queen, performing some more of her toe-curling moves.

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