Sunday, June 2, 2024

Orwell Bridge latest: Highways Agency reveals days it will OPEN

The Orwell Bridge

The Highways Agency has decided it is easier to say which days the Orwell Bridge will be OPEN rather than fielding questions about when it is shut.

As Ipswich ground to a halt again today following an A14 accident that closed the Orwell Bridge, the Highways Agency announced the limited days it will be open.

Spokesperson Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Today’s Orwell Bridge closure comes just a week after it was shut for two days because it got a bit windy.

“Every time this happens, Ipswich becomes gridlocked with motorists are stranded in the town and on the A14 for hours on end.

“Rather than having to update everyone all the time, it will be much easier if you all assume the Orwell Bridge is shut permanently unless we specify otherwise.”

It is estimated that local businesses lose £1 million a day when the bridge is closed because nobody can move on the roads.

Motorist Rachael Drouet said: “This is good news. Now I will be able to plan the days when can actually use my car.”

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