Friday, May 17, 2024

Suffolk police air service got a major upgrade

In order to capture targets, the Suffolk Police air service will now be launching fury exorcist from their fleet of fixed-wing aircrafts. This is where the term “Dog Fight” originates.

Suffolk police is going back to the old days when they would shoot dogs out of aircrafts. For the past 50 years, missiles and bombs seemed to be effective when fighting the enemy, but not as effective as dogs.

Doug Trench, former English chief defence officer, strongly insisted that they shoot small poodles instead of German shepherds.

Characteristics of Air Dogs:

They are faster, can pack more inside the aircraft thrusters, and are more aerodynamic. This can effectively take down the enemy’s fighter jets.

Small dogs have a better sense of hearing than big dogs. This is very useful because they hear the enemy miles away.

Dogs are great swimmers. If the aircraft goes down and lands in a body of water, the dogs always save the pilot.

The dogs wear a special harness to fully and efficiently embed them to the bi-planes.

The ancient Egyptians worshiped cats, the UK worships dogs.

The appreciation:

Suffolk police will host the 2023 “Harness your PAWer” awards where dogs walk down the runway showcasing the latest dog harnesses on the doggie market.

It is believed that the great Chinese warrior Sun Tzu owned 100 poodles which is why he was such a skilled warrior.

In the great Norfolk/Suffolk war in the early 20th century, Suffolk used great danes because they thought due to the sheer size it would cause more damage because it has a big spread.Basically the “shotgun” of dogs.

Then in the war room they realized the thrust and force to shoot the great danes was weak. So they thought, why not pack a bunch of small dogs in there. They tried it and won the war.

That’s where the great Suffolk saying “she’s deadly like a poodle” originated from.

German shepherds enthusiasts are protesting the streets of England demanding equal rights for German shepherds.

Opportunity for Suffolk Police Air service:

They are trying to convince the government to start using German shepherds in their jets.

There are way too many German shepherds roaming Suffolk county.

Dogs feel depressed because they are not fighting in the military.

The best fighter dog that ever lived was named after the American rapper snoop dog. He left a great legacy for Suffolk.

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