Friday, May 17, 2024

A student from Suffolk new college claims sex is not for him

Suffolk new college student

College is the time where you want to have fun, experiment, make great memories all while getting an education but student from Suffolk new college claims sex is not for him.

It’s no secret that college students are having sex. With their raging hormones you can’t blame them. It’s all part of the college experience.

Stephen McCall, a 28 year old graduate from Suffolk new college told reporters that he experimented with sex back in college and hasn’t done it ever since.

That’s almost a decade ago

I bet he is so sex deprived that he is irritable, anxious, and turned on all the time.

Is he masturbating at least?

That’s a whole lot of semen retention. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is at work and his colleagues notice semen coming out of his eye.

Hidden facts about him:

Coworker Lorraine Fisher – 34, said that he sneezed on her and only to realize that he shot a big load on her forehead. She was disgusted and wanted to press charges.

People say bless you because they believe that every time you sneeze, a little bit of your soul is dying because it’s leaving your body.

Every-time McCall (Student of Suffolk new college) sneezes, he is killing his soul as well as his unborn kids. It should be illegal to retain that much semen.

You’ve seen the TikTok video where people say:

“After 100 days of no sex, I ate a biscut with no water only so it can choke me.”

Many school shooters have this one thing in common, they are sexually deprived.

McCall might be someone you want to monitor closley becaue you just simply can’t know for sure what a sexually deprived person might do.

It should be a law that you cant return to work monday morning unless you clocked in at least 45 minutes of sex, 1 hour workout session, or a 30 minute session with a punching bag, and either a massage or time in a sauna or jacuzzi.

You can mix all these activities and get creative.

The purpose of this would be to make everyone more relaxed and more productive at work and in life. We would get stuff done.

We would conquer the galaxy in less than 15 years.

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