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Suffolk Gazette saves Angela Eagle press conference

By Polly Ticks, Whitehall Correspondent

The Suffolk Gazette rode to the rescue of Labour leadership challenger Angela Eagle – by being the only mainstream newspaper to remain at her campaign launch press conference and ask questions.

She summoned the media at the worst possible time, just as Andrea Leadsom was announcing she was abandoning her bid for the Tory leadership, meaning Theresa May will be our Prime Minister.


But while other newspapers rushed off to cover the Conservative bombshell, we remained with the Eagle camp purely because a cup of tea and a sandwich was on offer.

So when Eagle invited questions from the hacks, we were there to fill in for the BBC, ITV and everyone else, and prevent an embarrassing silence.

Representing the interests of our readers, we fired in three key questions:

– What would you put on your allotment rhubarb to prevent pests?
– What do you think of Ipswich Town’s chances of making the play-offs this coming season?
– What is your favourite colour?

We were about to ask a fourth crucial question about Adnams beer when we were told to “bugger off after all and join the other journalists”.

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