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The Suffolk Gazette’s top 5 Mother’s Day gifts

The Suffolk Gazette’s top 5 Mother’s Day gifts
The Suffolk Gazette’s top 5 Mother’s Day gifts

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, the hunt for the perfect gift is on. While flowers and chocolates are classic choices, here are five unusual Mother’s Day gifts that are guaranteed to make mums feel super special:-

Entertainment Editor: Arthur Pint

Personalized Pet Portrait Tattoos:

For the mum who’s a true animal lover, why not immortalize her furry friend in ink? Tattoo artists are offering custom pet portrait tattoos, allowing Mum to carry her beloved pet with her wherever she goes. It’s a permanent reminder of her unconditional love for her furry pussy!

Exotic Insect Cooking Class:

Spice up Mother’s Day with an adventurous cooking class focused on exotic insects. From crispy crickets to juicy mealworms, Mum will learn how to incorporate these creepy crawlies into gourmet dishes. Who needs traditional brunch when you can feast on edible insects instead?

DIY Taxidermy Kit:

Does your mum have a morbid sense of humour? A DIY taxidermy kit might be just the thing to tickle her fancy. With step-by-step instructions and all the necessary tools included, she can channel her inner taxidermist and create her own quirky home decor. Whether it’s a stuffed squirrel or a preserved pigeon, this gruesome gift is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

UFO Abduction Experience:

Treat Mum to an out-of-this-world experience with a UFO abduction adventure. She’ll be whisked away to a remote location in outer space in a flying saucer, where extraterrestrials will provide a thrilling abduction experience befitting of Mulder and Scully. It’s an unforgettable close encounter that’ll get Mum ‘phoning home’ to tell you all about it!

Extreme Knitting Workshop:

For the crafty mum who’s looking for a challenge, an extreme knitting workshop might be just the ticket. Participants will learn how to knit oversized items using giant knitting needles and super chunky yarn. From giant scarves to enormous tea cosies, Mum will be able to knit her way to happiness.

Alternatively, if you can’t be bothered with all that, just do the usual and pop down the petrol station at the last minute for a bunch of toxic daffodils and an out-of-date box of Milk Tray. Love you, mum!

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