Anusol unveiled as new Norwich City shirt sponsor

By Ian Bred, Norfolk Correspondent

Norwich City have confirmed Anusol as the new main shirt sponsor for next season.

After ditching the BK8 betting site because of its lurid and sexist marketing, the Canaries have teamed up with the famous soother of piles.

Club owner Delia Smith’s right-hand-woman, Lorraine Fisher, 34, revealed: “Signing up with Anusol is a great relief.

“The BK8 deal was a mistake, at least Anusol won’t be as irritating, and it’s the best way to spend our piles of Premier League cash.”

But fans of other football clubs will ridicule the club for getting cosy with a well-known hemorrhoid treatment.

Ipswich Town fan Steve Walshe said: “What are they thinking?

“But I suppose Norwich is in the arse-end of nowhere, and the club and their supporters are a pain in the backside.

“And let’s face it, using Anusol will be quite fitting when Norwich are bottom of the table.”

Football fans can probably take that as a safe bet.

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