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Ideal Second Home Show to thrill Suffolk coast

By Peter Grimes, Aldeburgh Correspondent

The first ever Ideal Second Home Show will be a popular event on Suffolk’s Sunrise Coast, it has emerged.

Organised by local estate agents Ruth Leaks and Jim Neepots, the show celebrates the contribution made by second homeowners in the seaside towns of Aldeburgh and Southwold, as well as all the surrounding villages.


Ms Leaks explained: “Second homeowners get a really bad press around here but they are vital to the local economy.

“Without them most of Suffolk would be a bit like Leiston or, heaven forbid, Lowestoft.”

Visitors to the show, which is being staged at Walberswick, just south of Southwold, will get the chance to meet local builders, the local planning department and other members of the neighbourhood Masonic Lodge to discuss their preposterous home improvement requirements.

There will be cookery demonstrations using non local produce, a Range Rover stand, and someone from Norfolk entertaining the children in Kiddies Korner (watched over closely by the local constabulary).


Crucially, representatives from wood burning stoves manufacturers will also be on hand to discuss fitting requirements.

The Rev Evan Elpuss will be wandering about appealing for funds to help with the local church roof repairs, but attendees are advised they can simply ignore him.

Entry to the innovative exhibition, planned for Saturday August 19, is strictly for second home owners only. Tickets are available online now.

Visitors will require proof of their address — both here and in North London — and they’ll need to bring a picture of both their houses, their Waitrose club cards, and the name and phone number of their poorly-paid cleaner.

“Whilst this is the first show of its kind, we certainly hope it isn’t the last. Next year it will be the Second Ideal Second Home Show, which sounds quite funny,” explained Mr Neepots.

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