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Sean Connery at 90: the top five terrible jokes

Sean Connery jokes

Editor’s note: This story was written on the great man’s 90th birthday in August. We were saddened to hear of his passing on October 31, 2020.

To celebrate Sean Connery’s 90th birthday, here are the Suffolk Gazette’s top five terrible jokes about the legendary Scottish actor. It was meant to be a top ten, but we got shtuck…

Does Sean Connery like herbs?
Yes, but only partially

I told Sean Connery I was crushed by a pile of books
He said I only had my shelf to blame

What time does Sean Connery usually arrive at Wimbledon?

Sean Connery doing a knock-knock joke
Dishes who?
Dishes Sean Connery

Sean Connery rearranged his fridge during lockdown
He was shelf isolating

The name’s goat, Dirty Old Goat

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