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BREAKING: New James Bond film set in California

Royal plot: new James Bond film

By Jane Seymour, Royal Editor

The new James Bond film sees the spy working directly for Her Majesty The Queen to rid the world of two evil villains in California.

The Man With The Ginger Gun has Bond working undercover in Santa Barbara, near Los Angeles, tracking down a couple with crazed plans to take over the world. He also has time to perfect his James Bond roulette strategy in the LA casinos.

Our woman on the inside of the film set, Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “The new film is a departure from the usual Bond plot.

“Although James is always on Her Majesty’s Service, he usually reports to M.

“But in The Man With The Ginger Gun, Bond is working directly on the orders of The Queen.

“She is alarmed by an organisation that has set up a secret base beneath a crater in California.

“Her Majesty is increasingly concerned about the launch of volleys of woke nonsense from the crater.

“The villains – an unnamed man and a woman – claim to be a force of good, determined to make the world a more compassionate place, and demanding that we all be kind.

“Clearly, they have no concept of real life.

“There is a direct threat to the Royal Family, and Bond is flown into California by gyrocopter from Amazon to sort it all out.”

Buckingham Palace refused to comment on the new Bond film, but scenes inside Buckingham Palace have been filmed already.

Ms Fisher was unable to give away too many details of the script, but she hinted it ends badly for the villains.

“Nobody takes on Her Majesty and wins,” she said.

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