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Royal Mail workers to go on strike demanding Pay Rise

Royal Mail workers
Royal Mail workers to go on strike demanding “Proper Pay Rise”

Over 100,000 Royal mail workers will form the biggest strike of the year in order to demand a proper Pay Rise, according to the Communication Workers Union (CWU).

Royal Mail workers will go on strike for four days in the coming weeks. They will conduct walkouts which will happen Friday – August 26th, Wednesday – August 31st, Thursday – September 8th, and Friday – September 9th.

The CWU wants to implement a 2% pay rise but it will not be enough because their wages will still not keep up with soaring inflation rates.

Peter Grimes is one of the workers on strike. He is a 78 year old man who is also a historian specializing in ancient Sparta.

Out of all the 100 thousand Royal mail workers, he is gathering 300 of the best men to train for combat, and work together to bring down the tyrant Xerxes also known as the Communication Workers Union.

All 300 men are standing outside in full attire; A Cape with a Medallion, a Wrap with a Belt, Helmet, Cuffs, Swords, Shields, and Spears.

The Voice of royal Mail workers:

The BBC has confirmed that the “warriors” are throwing spears into the offices of CWU. There are 3 confirmed casualties and 10 severely injured. Not humans, but the fish in the fish tanks. They are aiming at all the fishes mainly because none of the workers are in the offices.

There are rumors that the 300 Spartans will take an even more extreme measure if they don’t get the pay rise.

Future of Royal mail workers:

This will go down as the biggest strike in history. We are getting really close to the robots taking most of our jobs.

There’s gonna be a lot more labor strikes as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics becomes more sophisticated, cheap to produce and maintain. Putting robots to work 24/7 will be modern day ethical “slavery”. They will not complain about working too much or the “pay”.

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