Monday, July 22, 2024

Shock as road actually closed beyond road ahead closed sign

Road ahead closed

By Laurie Hall, Transport Editor

There was widespread shock across Suffolk today when a road ahead closed sign was actually followed by a road closure.

Motorists heading towards Woodbridge were caught out when they ignored the sign as usual, only to be stopped by roadworks 100 yards later.

Mum Lorraine Fisher, 34, was on the school run when she drove straight past the red-and-white road ahead closed sign.

“There are hundreds of these signs all over the place and usually they mean nothing at all.

“There are hardly ever any road closure ahead, it’s just that the workmen forgot to pick up the sign – a bit like all those lonely cones on the motorways.

“Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I pootled along, only to be met with a coned-off road and workmen actually digging it up.

“I had to turn around and find another way into town. It was quite exciting, actually.”

A spokeswoman for Suffolk County Council highways, Linda ‘Nanny’ McPhee said it was business as usual on the roads.

“We would urge drivers to take heed of all road ahead closed signs, even though they very rarely mean the road is closed ahead.

“It is absolutely not true to say we just leave the signs out on the side of the road because inevitably at some point in the near future the road will be dug up.”

The news comes a year after we revealed the council was digging up so many of Ipswich’s roads because they were looking for buried treasure.

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