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Suffolk Liberation Army built a Rod Stewart inspired check post

Rod Stewart

You can see the resemblance, Suffolk liberation army seems to be very inspired by Rod Stewart as they recently built a check post that exactly looks like the British pop star.

Rod Stewart, the British rock star is certainly showing his age with this hairdo. Perhaps he forgot to wash it and decided to give it the bed head style of a hairdo.

All it needs now is a good backdrop and that would fit the bill.

What a combination, a big mouth and a huge set of hair? At least he has his own hair at his age. That must be a bonus! Nice style too.

Some people dream of having a big hairdo just like his. Some people used to think that he even put mayonnaise in it. How gloopy and sticky that must have been? No different to using hair gel but wouldn’t his head start to smell eggy after a while? Maybe he didn’t mind.

There’s no doubt that the man is stylish but why the big hairdo all the time? Maybe he should consider a more modern style? Or is that his USP? People can only recognise him by that perhaps.

Maybe he thinks it makes him more handsome although the latest photos of him suggest he’s tamed it down. Maybe that’s why he has more resemblance to the photo shown!

It’s more of a tamed frizz bomb than a spikey and defined hairdo that promises the earth. It’s been suggested that he spent 4 hours in the barbers to even achieve that sort of look.

Like his hair, it probably needs some taming, considering he’s quite a character with his charisma and charm. He will leave his fans thinking ‘Is he still sexy?’ with his alternative style.

Needless to say:

This is the latest idea of artwork – to photography something that looks like a celebrity.

Whatever next?

Will celebrities be stylised back in the past despite everything moving on?

There are so many options for them to be stylised in the most fantastical way.

Perhaps people prefer boring though and his fans want something more relatable than his flat and frizzed out hair, even though it may take hours on end to sort out and style?

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