Saturday, June 1, 2024

Men welcome women-only train carriages

By Casey Jones
Railways Correspondent

Male commuters on the Greater Anglia mainline today welcomed Jeremy Corbyn’s plan for women-only carriages – so they don’t have to listen to them chatting away on their mobile phones.

Labour leadership candidate Mr Corbyn revealed his segregated carriage idea after a rise in sexual assaults on Britain’s train services.

But even though no men on the main London line from Norfolk and Suffolk would ever consider touching a woman – even their own wives – the women-only carriages will still be welcome.

Stephen Brittas, who commutes from his home in Stowmarket to London each day, said: “Every morning I have to listen to women nattering in loud voices on their mobile phones. Often it’s in a ridiculous high-pitched voice to their young children. One even blows kisses to her dog.

“Then after a long day at work, the whole thing repeats itself as they tell whomever is unfortunate enough to be on the other end all about their day.

“If Mr Corbyn gets his way, these women can all sit on the same carriage and talk over each other into their bloody phones. Vote for Jeremy Corbyn!”

But female commuters we spoke to said men were just as bad on their mobiles. Dawn Colridge, 19, from Colchester, said: “I’ve never been sexually assaulted on a Greater Anglia train, but I do get fed up with blokes sitting with their legs wide open, speaking on their phone and trying to look important.”

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